Characters default height in real life

So I know that the default height for characters is 1.280, but I’ve been thinking what that would be in feet/cm. Does anyone know? I’m trying to add height differences between my characters in my story.

EDIT: I think I actually figured it out. I used a height scale someone on here created. I uploaded that scale as an overlay and had to change its size a bit since it seemed way off, but I think it looks as realistic as I could get it to be. So 1.280 is approximately 180cm/5’10 from what I got!


That’s what I’d say too, referring to a man. The “average man” is 180 cm. But not really applicable for a woman :sweat_smile:

Yeahhh, women are a bit shorter on average. I tried making a male character 180cm tall and placed a female character next to him and made her about 153cm tall to compare. That’s how it would look like according to my scale. I think it could look a bit weird tbh, but I’d love to know what others think!

I mean generally the difference makes sense. Like if you look at other people. Look at Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson. There’s like almost a foot between them.:sweat_smile:

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Unless my whole scale is just wrong lmao

I think the main issue here are the proportions… By making a character smaller than another, all their body parts get smaller too. This looks especially unnatural with the head :rofl:
So when placing characters I tend to put the women lower on the screen, instead of necessarily making them smaller by size. This only works for zoomed in scenes of course.

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I wish they’d just make a height slider😭

Yeah! Because shorter people usually just have shorter legs and not a child body :sob:

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I might just leave out the height differences🥲

No I think if you make her just a little smaller than him like 1.280 and 1.265 it’s perfectly fine! Just don’t make adult characters look like children, especially compared to their LI :woozy_face:

Yeah that’s what I was scared of actually😭

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