CLOTHING : Goth & Emo (Limelight)


Goth is cute…

Let’s not forget some Emo stuff


Yes emos!


Great idea! Support


o m g
y e s
p l e a s e ^ _^
definitely got my support~!


Definitely support!


we all love to


Great idea!


Yes! I love this idea, seeing so many basic girls that all look the same gets kinda boring… I want more alternative clothing and looks!


I brought my emo ass here just to say: Yes! We need emo clothing!
I want to see more characters wearing stuff I’d wear


ya lol everything on limelight is pretty much basic, not in a bad way but


For the old, still, and new emos…I super support!


Id like it (unpop opinion) i would like emo and goth clothing i like both >-<(opinion ends) i would wear them and would prefer it too(hate crop tops and thoses random short tight skirts im forced to wear)(plus certain dresses) but…this is already gettin long af


Yes! The style of clothes in Limelight is so monotonous, and that is very limiting for characterization.


Goth and EmOOOOOOO






Yass we need this! I’m going to write an LL story once we get black clothing and such like this!


Great idea!


YESSSSSSS! As a goth/emo person I officially agree!