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True. What if the love started at 14. You can’t do a flashback?


But what if I want to write a story for young teens? What if I want my character to be 14 not only in a flashback but in the ENTIRE STORY?
And the most “extreme” thing that will happen in that relationship is that they’ll kiss, clothes on, absolutely no sexual reference…
Why do Episode think that’s wrong?
They should go and watch Cartoon Network, Disney & Nickelodeon shows and then they’ll see that some of the best cartoons for kids feature middle-schoolers with an innocent crush.
This rule restricts me so much :weary:


I know. They are over 13. Some people want to relate to their age group.


Episode Team got special permission to do that. Lots of contracts. :wink:


Exactly. The reason they don’t want us doing it is because they can get sued if the celebrity finds out we’re using them in stories. However, if they set up licensing agreements with the celebrity and get permission and everything beforehand, they’ll create a special featured story about them. Episode cannot guarantee that we have express and written permission from the celebrity we’re using, so they could sue and win.


These guidelines are making me noivous :frowning:

Okay, so I have a scene in a story where Shadow, the MC, walks through a forest and suddenly sees a body on the floor, breathing, but with a gunshot wound in his shoulder. Shadow asks the guy if he was okay and if she could help, but he didn’t reply. Shadow sits beside him until he stops breathing, then sees a guy in the trees, who runs away after seeing her staring at him. Shadow presumes he’s the killer.

I have another scene where Shadow sees the guy who killed someone and decides to follow him with her BFF. Then, Shadow, Rain (bff) and Rock (killer) get into a fight. It was verbal, but it turned physical. Is it too late to mention Shadow has a mental disorder? Without thinking, she pushes Rock off the edge of a creek where they were standing and disappears. He’s presumed dead by the two girls.

Would this be acceptable? I’ve made a few minor changes, but I’d rather have those events in the story.


The flashback thing would probably be fine. I think if you had other characters and it was innocent then it could be okay.They probably wont flag it. Im sure you will be able to work with it. I think they put that rule in place cause certain people take things and go all the way left with it. Doing inappropriate things and such. They dont want to be in this situation where people are promoting certain behaviors with under aged children. That will be a mess. So even though you might have this innocent idea in your mind you have to understand that certain restrictions are better for the community overall. Too bad Episode doesnt always follow their own guidelines but thats a problem for another day :joy::joy:


In my country kids lose virginity at age 13 and after that with this new millennium they start to experience with group sex :joy: :joy: So yeah, this limitation is extremely weird for us.


What country do you live in?


Somewhere in the middle of Europe.
Let’s just say that good old fashioned girls like me which wait on Prince Charming till they are 20, are very rare here and we look wierd comparing to others.

Grown ups have sex like rabbits not knowing who Is whose wife :rofl:


References to Assault, Violence & Torture:

  • No graphic / explicit / detailed descriptions of rape / assault / violence / gore / etc.
  • Authors can give general descriptions or broad strokes, but not details.
    • Ex: they can say a rape / murder / assault happened, but cannot describe the details, injuries or physical sensations.
    • Physical or sexual abuse can referenced provided the representation is respectful, contextually appropriate and doesn’t glorify being a victim / survivor.
  • Torture cannot be depicted on screen. References to torture, and evidence of torture are allowed, but cannot be explicit or gratuitous.

My question is, what is considered too explicit or too descriptive of a murder? My story is in the horror category so death is a huge part of my story. I would like to know what I can and cant do.


This is not a promote yourself page.


If that’s the case the story Pregnant at 15 needs to be banned


I thought it was?
(I just did a search and I found a “Pregnant at 15” story, but I believe there used to be one with millions of reads that got banned?)


oh okay


If it fighting sport like boxing it count as Violence


probably something like
“He stabbed me in the stomach. Slowly twisting the blade, I can feel my insides slicing apart. Blood starts gushing out.” and then showing blood and such
You know, although this post will probably get flagged for what I just wrote. :joy:


I had a question, so my sister plays episode and she turns 13 next month. She really wants to learn how to create stories, should I wait until she’s 13 to teach her? or should she start her story but not publish it until she turns 13?


In the Philippines the age of consent is 12 so idk


Read this:

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