Content Guidelines


True. What if the love started at 14. You can’t do a flashback?


But what if I want to write a story for young teens? What if I want my character to be 14 not only in a flashback but in the ENTIRE STORY?
And the most “extreme” thing that will happen in that relationship is that they’ll kiss, clothes on, absolutely no sexual reference…
Why do Episode think that’s wrong?
They should go and watch Cartoon Network, Disney & Nickelodeon shows and then they’ll see that some of the best cartoons for kids feature middle-schoolers with an innocent crush.
This rule restricts me so much :weary:


I know. They are over 13. Some people want to relate to their age group.


Episode Team got special permission to do that. Lots of contracts. :wink:


Exactly. The reason they don’t want us doing it is because they can get sued if the celebrity finds out we’re using them in stories. However, if they set up licensing agreements with the celebrity and get permission and everything beforehand, they’ll create a special featured story about them. Episode cannot guarantee that we have express and written permission from the celebrity we’re using, so they could sue and win.