Does anyone know if this background is copyright free?

I found this background on someone’s drive, who only resized it, but since this is an anime-style bg, I’m trying to rule out the possibility that it may not be free to use. I’ve had no luck contacting the owner of the drive.

Hi! I found that in open website so I think you could use it

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Are you sure this is a free background website? If you scroll down, there are some episode backgrounds, just labelled “room background.” If those have been taken, maybe this one has been too. :woman_shrugging:


I don’t think that background is free, it might be copyrighted. Be careful when your finding backgrounds online. Use public domain websites.

If the drive also contains more bgs like this then it is copyrighted. To find the owner of the drive, when you click on the drive file name, look to your right, you will see the owner name on a long dialog box when you scroll down.



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Yeah, I suspect it is not free, thank you. I’ve tried contacting her by email like a week ago, no response yet.

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The owner might be busy, so I’d suggest, use episode creator backgrounds and dont use online bgs. Also I edited my comment above for you to see where to find the owner of a drive.