Feature: Character changes into other characters

So when you are trying to write a story that allows the reader to choose their gender or sexuality? It can be quite hard to code as it basically means having to copy the code and then editing it for another version.

But what if we could change characters into other characters without issue?
I know we can change females into other females and males into other males. But what if we could change them into whatever we wanted.

For example

Are you Male or Female
“Male” {
@YOU changes into Male1
“Female” {
@YOU changes into Female1

You could then do the same for body type too

This way we wouldn’t have the issue of having to have 2 scripts.

Also in the event you need to use his/her he/she for the MC or the MC’s LL you could code it to rename the pronouns. I think this can be done using the code to re name characters.

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I see different issues with this, but lets start with the first that comes to my mind

Males and females are different, usually males are taller, and even in the positions (not using spot directing) their heights are different. I am writing a story where the reader can choose whether to be male or female, and I need to adjust their height. How would you do that with this code?

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Good point I hadn’t thought about that

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This feature already exist.

I didn’t think you could change a female to male or Visa Versa

You can :smile: I use it all the time.

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