🍸 Martini's script template: 3 characters points check

I’m here with another quick template. I thought It’d be more complicated but I tested it and it works perfectly :dancer:

This is for when you’re using a point system with 3 characters. For example 3 love interests or 3 different paths like “love”, “courage”, “mind” or something :slight_smile:

You can of course use it for more characters but then you’ll have to add the additional position to the if-else-statement.


if (CHAR1 > CHAR2) {
  if (CHAR1 > CHAR3) {
    #Character 1 has the most points
  }elif (CHAR3 > CHAR1)
    #Character 3 has the most points
  }else {
    #Character 1 and 3 have the same points
}elif (CHAR2 > CHAR1) {
  if (CHAR2 > CHAR3) {
    #Character 2 has the most points
  }elif (CHAR3 > CHAR2)
    #Character 3 has the most points
  }else {
    #Character 2 and 3 have the same points
}else {
  if (CHAR2 = CHAR3) {
    #All characters have the same points
  }else {
    #Characters 1 and 2 have the same points

I hope you find this helpful :yellow_heart: Let me know what template I should do next :wink:

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