New story ranking feature?

sorry i’m new to this feature
i’m sure this isn’t a good ranking but as of right now my story’s overall ranking is 7310 (genre 2504).
is this a good ranking? is it bad? middle of the road? i have no idea how to gauge it or what it’s based on. just wanna further understand this new feature lol
help please?

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On a normal day, my stories all float around those numbers🤷🏼‍♀️
You can still get reads, but it’s probably by if someone searches keywords that apply to your story or if someone has your story recommended on their profile and people read it from there. Being in those numbers just means you’re really far off from the trending section (which is a lot of visibility).

My one story was struggling tremendously, so I got a bunch of people to do r4r’s within hours of each other and that bumped my story into the top 100 which then got a bunch more reads from being in the trending.
Granted that doesn’t always work, it could still be an option to help boost your story :slightly_smiling_face: