Opinions wanted on this background


I’ve come across a fair few threads, as well as comments, stating how some authors are either too busy coding or to put it plainly, too lazy to make up background characters and code them into the background to make them seem more “real”.

I personally don’t mind making background characters and coding where they should stand, what animation they should be doing and so forth. However, I don’t enjoy having to make more than 4 and figuring out what they should also wear.

So, I made this with some randomly selected characters from various stories I’m writing! I’m aware that most would probably prefer the actual animations playing, as it looks more smooth, but I think this might be a good alternative for the more lazy and/or the time pressed authors.

Let me know your thoughts, if you’d use this kind of background and I’ll most likely make more variations, which will be accessible on my google drive - you can find that on this thread: Free to use backgrounds & overlays!


That’s really cool!! I’m sure it’d be useful to a lot of people

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Thanks! :smiling_face:

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