Payment completed? Help with the payment system

So somehow I accidentally chose paying by check instead of holding my payments, I’m soon to be 17 , turning 18 next year so I wanted the money just to ‘stay there’ till I’m old enough to have a normal bank account. (I asked about it and was told it’s possible), but then I got a mail telling me that payments were completed via check? :joy: I did write my address there, is it actually going to be sent here? My father explained it to me a little & told me to change it to hold my payments but I’m still kinda confused. What does it mean when a payment is completed? Am I actually going to receive a check? :flushed: Not that I complain and everything :grimacing: (I don’t live in the US)

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I’d probably send a ticket in because someone at Episode might be able to help you. :grin:

Moving this to Episode Fan Community since it doesn’t fit in any Creator’s Corner category. Like @Baleigh_episode says, you should submit a help ticket to our support team, @shaharPie :smiley:

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Congrats on getting enough reads to get paid (even if you won’t really be receiving them yet)!!! :tada: :sparkles:

Btw, I enjoyed your story Quarantined! It was a fun read! Definitely will check out ‘The stars have colors’ soon. :blush:

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There’s a specific email for payments (taken from the payment FAQ):

But did you fill out your payment info? By memory, you have to choose your payment method there. If it has gone from submitted to completed (I’m assuming you’re talking about the story earnings tab?), that usually means you’ve been paid… if you didn’t earn enough, or your payment was being held for whatever reason, it usually shows as deferred.
Definitely email them.

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Well there is something that has been bothering me… How many writers even cross 500000k reads? I heard that the way Episode pays their writers is scam because they don’t tell how much you get paid. This is really discouraging because I am halfway into writing a pretty good story and now this. Pls I demand answers.

It’s not that they don’t tell you, it’s that writer’s are not allowed to discuss how much they earn with other people. It’s confidential between Episode and the writer.

And it’s not just “500000k reads” it’s 500k reads in 60 days


It’s not a scam.
Episode isn’t designed to be a platform where everyone gets paid, so the benchmarks are quite high.

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