Poll of the Week: [Instagram vs Snapchat]



Hello Episodians!

The results of last week’s poll are in! It was a close call for a bit but it looks like Highfives won!

Thank you all for voting!

Are you ready for another exciting competition? This week, we’re pitting Snapchat and Instagram against each other! Which one will you vote for?

  • Snapchat
  • Instagram

0 voters




I’m the first Snapchat voter.


I think Instragram is best for Episode writers.


Snapchat killed themselves after that last update :nauseated_face:



Instagram for some of these reasons…

  1. It is an amazing patfrm for this amazing community!

2.The Snapchat update is not so great…

  1. You can chat,post,have stories, and like the creations of many people.
    That is bassically everything needed in social media!


I like snapchat for friends, and episode authors.

On instagram they screwed up my like what i want to see, and so my like ‘this is what you might like page’ is filled with food and images and like nude drawings (which I report like all the time :P) if they fix that, I might change my vote :slight_smile:


Instagram is mostly used by Episode authors so this is a bit biased. I voted for Snapchat though because it just seems more cool in a way. Although some people complain about the update I like the Snapchat update. Snapchat keeps you close with friends by starting streaks and you can easily response to people’s streaks and or story (while sometimes IG makes it difficult). Also Snapchat has better filters and isn’t based on followers and you add people by their usernames which makes it more secure.


38 votes? Let’s get this ball rolling! Which one do you use the most for Episode related talk? Which one do you prefer to use outside of Episode related content? Your opinions count and we want to hear from the community :thinking::ok_hand::smiley: