[POLL] Your Opinion on Early Access & Skip-and-Wait

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Thank you to everyone who have voted and left a comment.

It was very useful to me and made me understand the Pro’s and Con’s of these new functions.

I’m definitely more open to these functions now after reading the comments and the private messages I have received on this topic.

Early access is annoying when you have plenty of passes already i have 56 passes thanks to the 2 free passes a day and the book has been released ages ago

an reader and a person who is about to make their own episode story, I absolutely hate the skip the way feature. Its probably the dumbest thing ever added to this freaking app. If I wanna binge read a story let me read then son. I will definitely not be putting this feature on my story or any of the stories I create. I actually give a damm about the readers and the fact that people don’t have cash like that. **strong text


I understand the point of view of people who hate Skip the wait and early access, it is quite annoying, for the sake of binge reading I hate it too!

However, I do sympathise with those who do put the STW feature in their stories, even if I do not do it myself in my stories, and honestly don’t plan on it, at least not anytime soon. At this point, it is almost impossible to get a good trending number without having some sort of gem option in your story.

Gems are pretty much vital now to even get your story out there to your intended audience. I myself prefer to use optional “support the author” choices right at the end of my chapters, however STW or Early Access seems to be the best way to be successful in terms of getting gem reads.

I hate how this is what the platform has become, that authors are forced to add gem choices and STW and EA to even get somewhere on the app. :((


I know right. It’s unfair.

I know Episode is a business, but part of being a business is treating your consumers right, and if you don’t, you will most likely fall down.


I’m so disappointed in this new gem thing now after I pay that ridiculous $14.99 now you not only looses your passes if you reading story that are not VP but you have to wait hours to continue to read the story unless you support the author like what is this I was using the app for a long time when they removed the unlimited passes for 30 days now after my 30 days I’m going delete this app and be done with it … it’s not worth it too pricy


I personally think Early Access is fine if the author updates with two episodes, 1 free and 1 on Early Access. Just because authors don’t owe you two episodes for an update. lol people usually would do one episode per update so having that second one which will come out a week later is nice. Skip The Wait, it is a bit disappointing when ur binge reading, but I just usually move on to a different story and then just totally forget about the story I was waiting for in the first place lol.

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