S. St. Sto. Story. R. Re. Rec. Reco. Recom. Recomm. Recomme. Recommen. Recommend. Recommenda. Recommendat. Recommendati. Recommendation. Recommendations

Hey Guys,
Sorry for the Long and werid title. Turns out people have already used just the simple “ story recommendations” “ recommend me stories” so I had to come up with something else
I’m currently in the mood to reading some stories.

And if it’s not to much to ask I prefer they are
Completed stories
And if they can be the follow genres

Please and thank you, for your recommendations. I just cant seem to ever just pick one ask for y’alls favs

Also feel free to check out my threads :point_down:


Sweet n Savory
Faking it (LL)
Flight of Passion by @Jadlyss
I dont remember the authors :thinking:

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I recommend these stories:
The Abomination
The Four Kingdoms
The Devil’s Deal
The Eyes of the Moon

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I know you said you wanna read finished stories, but still, I will recommend fantasy story! @fcukforcookies is a master in coding! Check " Pine Hollow: Hex Of The Three". It is really well written.


if you want you can try my story http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5097630993022976 , I will update soon with another chapter, it’s not complete, but it’s fantasy, romance and drama :smile: . If you will read it, I will appreciate your opinion! thanks

Silhouettes by aprilish
Fantastical: Black Shadow by Alex Af
Wanderlust Academy by Mavis Rosebrook
Cupid’s Arrow: Forbidden by Evil Ebonni

Anticipation, Participation by JasmineLilac
Somewhere Along the Way by Coni B.

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He Can’t Tame Me by Meila Summers
Diary of a Trouble Maker by Toriah
The Bad Games by @SenchaStories and @ShanniiWrites


I really really really love the story INFAMOUS by @Kaylas.epi :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
It’s not a fantasy story, but it is really a very very good story, I love it! :star_struck: And it is completed so that’s very nice too.

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Hearts Reunited, Making Lemonade, Falling In Love, Catching Coal(still ongoing, soon to be complete), The Night We Met (shameless self promo, lol)

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MC: Zodiac - Kaytee and Jamie-Leigh On going

The Game - Amber J Complete

Hunting Bad - Hope Moon Complete

Body Tangle - Jalen On going

Flight of Passion - Jadlyss On going


Not done but author said theyd return to it after the adventure contest is done.

And of course infected by Caitoriri


They aren’t finished :confused: BUTTT I HIGHLY recommend!

  • Solis: Regnum Fortes by @aedusoffical (Full CC, Multiple Love Interests, LGBT option, Choice Matters) (Fantasy)

  • Your Silhouette by @Anby.episode (CC, Multiple Love Interests Choice Matters) (Fantasy)

  • The Enchantment Thief by @starwrites.episode (Full CC. Choice Matters, Multiple Love Interest, LGBT option) (Fantasy)

-Wicked Academic @Episode.soulles
(Full CC, Choice Matters, Multiple Love Interest, LGBT option) (Fantasy)

  • Iridescent (LL) by @indigosstories (CC, Choice Matters) (Drama)

  • Sinfully Yours by @episode.kayy (Full CC, Choice Matters) (Drama)

  • Verdict by @J.miley.stories (CC, Choice Matters, LGBT option, Choice in being a bad or good person) (Romance)

  • How to be a Princess by @mvincent.episode (CC, Choice Matters, LGBT) (Fantasy)

  • Beguiled by @Charliee.episode (CC, Choice Matters)


Thank you love for recommending Zodiac! :two_hearts:


Of course! It’s probably the best story I’ve read on Episode lol


Omg thank you :sob::sob::sob: