Talk before the Update


Also, a sneeze?! And headache animations


Yeah, but it will look weird, them sneezing. :sweat_smile: To me at least


Oh my gosh do u know how much I want one :tired_face:. I got sooooo annoyed I’m not even joking


Yeah same


I’m sorry if someone’s already mentioned this but I’d really like more underwear for males and females. All we really have is the lace red bra and the boxers with hearts on them :confused:. It’s annoying how it looks like everyone buys the same underwear.


yep, EVERYONE wants it.


It annoys me so much




I hope they will release lips that look like this. (They have a version but it’s smaller. I want a bigger one like the Males will get.)


this character looks so much like my teacher!!! lol i agree on the lips tho.






episode need to add more backgrounds to the catalog.


I get a feeling next update will be lips, because I feel like it’s the only one they haven’t done yet