Thread for the sharing of templates!

I made this tread so people could share their templates! Here’s one I’ve been working on:
INK Closet Template!
LL Closet Template!



Thank you!! So I know to change it for my 3 outfits ive made… how do i make the labels?

because i put goto and then it says the label does not exist…


There is a thread to share templates here: Post your script templates here! Official script template sharing thread

And @missg_episode , read this to understand how labels and gotos work:

A goto leads to a label (it goes to it) and your goto needs to share the same name as the label. You can have multiple gotos leading to a label, but only one label that shares a name with goto(s) in your episode. Example= goto girl_sparkles would lead to label girl_sparkles


Hey @JemU776!

Thanks! I’ve never used coding before so I am struggling a bit to understand how it all works! I appreciate all the help and pointers but im copying templates which is most likely why I am so confused :(:disappointed_relieved:

Ha, ha, NP :wink:

Don’t worry, I was confused about gotos and labels before as well. I got duplicate label warnings in the beginning and I’m like “what is this???” but then with experimentation, I started getting it!

Its horrible for me right now haha

I’m not sure where I am starting of finishing with this template… both outfit and hair… (this is only episode 1 :frowning: )

Hopefully i’ll work it out

Hopefully it will!

Quick question…

Do i need to create a new label for each hair option im giving? for example label short_hair then once done say goto short_ hair then create the next label ?

Im looking at a template and im confused haha

OK, so goto short_hair leads to label short_hair within your episode. You can have goto short_hair many times in your episode but label short_hair only once. Hope this makes sense. This is because since a goto leads to a label, it only leads to one label. If you have two labels named label short_hair you would get an error saying it’s a duplicate. This is because the script wouldn’t know which label to go to; you have two written at different spots and they have the same name so which one is it going to go to? It won’t work.

This is only for one episode each. You can use label short_hair in episode 1 only once, in episode 2 only once, and episode 3 only once, and so forth. But you can have as many goto short_hair as you want.

Another tips= you can’t have labels inside of choices and if/elif/else statements. You would need a goto that leads to a label outside of them

Here’s some examples=

goto SPARKLE leads to label SPARKLE
goto Angie_eats leads to label Angie_eats
goto loop leads to label loop

Your labels can’t contain spaces by the way so label amy does is wrong.

Basically, a goto leads to the label that it shares the same exact name with and you can name your label anything.

Thanks! hopefully this template will work! i dont have the lipstick option so label hair_lip doesn’t need to be there correct?

I also want my MC to start in Pjs… how do i do that?


@YOU changes into OUTFIT_NAME

@MARIA changes into pj_outfit

Create an outfit, name it what you want and make your character change into it by writing it in the script. This is just an example I give (what I wrote above).

Ok cool, if I want her in PJS to then change into clothes is there a way to do that? Like have her in them from the beginning of her scenes?

Your help so far has been amazing! defs have a few ppl to credit at the end of episode one!

You would write this and if you want her to change into something else, you’d write something like:

@MARIA changes into outfit_flower

Or whatever the outfit’s name is.

(it would go in your script)


It worked! thanks!!

last question… my character is in the shout pose when i use:
how do i get her to look sad when she says this as the narrator?


This is a limelight template for a small gathering crowd situation. Since I am only gonna use it maybe twice I though it might be useful to others so the time I spent on it wouldn’t go to waist.

volume music 100 0
music music_serioustechno
@speechbubble reset
@EXTRA ONE spot 1.028 20 154 AND EXTRA THIRTEEN spot 1.136 24 55 in zone 2 AND EXTRA TEN spot 1.019 88 160 in zone 2 AND EXTRA SIX spot 1.082 157 136 AND EXTRA EIGHT spot 1.163 49 85
@NOLAN spot 1.334 91 -18 AND ROSAN spot 1.352 76 -123 in zone 2 AND EXTRA FOURTEEN spot 1.883 225 -507
@EXTRA ONE faces right AND EXTRA EIGHT faces right AND NOLAN faces right AND EXTRA SIX faces right
@ROSAN faces left AND EXTRA TEN faces left AND EXTRA THIRTEEN faces left
@GEORGE spot 1.064 220 159 AND NIXON spot 1.082 274 138
@EXTRA ONE is text_phone_neutral_loop AND EXTRA THIRTEEN is talk_neutral AND EXTRA FOURTEEN is rear AND EXTRA EIGHT is talk_neutral
@EXTRA ONE moves to layer 0
@EXTRA EIGHT moves to layer 2
@EXTRA SIX moves to layer 3
@GEORGE moves to layer 2
@NIXON moves to layer 3
@NOLAN moves to layer 4
@ROSAN moves to layer 4
@EXTRA TEN moves to layer 2
@EXTRA FOURTEEN moves to layer 5
@EXTRA THIRTEEN moves to layer 3
&zoom on 320 527 to 142% in 3
GEORGE (talk_neutral)
Ok lets begin everyone.

Of course the main characters have names and the Extras are named Extras.

@HAILEY starts sad_loop

Bla bla bla…


&HAILEY is sad_loop

Bla bla bla…

This is because & and starts happen at the same time another action does. Also, I have no idea if it’s sad_loop lol, I just wrote this as an example.

Thank you! I will try tonight!!!

I am complying a list of questions… I’m seeing all this zoom and zone stuff and it’s confused me same as backgrounds and overlays :cry:

Check out these helpful threads:

  1. 🖼 HOW TO: Upload Cover / Background / Overlay
  2. Zoom Directing (The Art of the Zoom Made Easy)
  3. HOW TO: Zoom from the Feet to the Head (Full Body)
  4. HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers
  5. HOW TO: Stage Direction
  6. A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS
  7. Script Symbols/Commands and What They're Used For
  8. HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)
  9. More links to be added soon after you go over the ones above ^^

Also, I’d recommend going over the Episode guides and watching Joseph Evans’ tutorials online on YouTube. It’s a great way to get started and remember, practice makes perfect!

Thank you!!

I’m getting frustrated already and it’s just the beginning :woman_facepalming:t2: I appreciate all your help!

No problem!

And don’t worry, it is frustrating at first. In the beginning, I sucked so bad someone even said my directing was super bad lol but thank goodness I got better. With practice.