Unlimited passes still gone?

they usually roll things out slowly either by region or just at random. usually at random though. lots of people have it now though so i’m going to assume we won’t have to wait too much longer lol

I have rose. Not sapphire, not amethyst. Odd… No updates available, either.

Any updates?

I have access to no ads / unlimited passes on all stories now - £13.49 monthly.

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There is a new update on Episode, should i download it?

I would, sometimes you can’t use the app unless you’ve downloaded the latest update.
You currently don’t have the no ads / unlimited passes? It could well be on this new update for you :blush:

I have the option to buy the amethyst package as well, but there is no way I’ll be paying almost $25CAD a month to play on Episode… 10CAD was reasonable, but that is waaaaay too much lol I don’t even care about gem choices. I guess I’m done with episode for good :woman_shrugging:

I still only have the option for sapphire VIP… I updated the app as well, is anyone else having the same issue?


VIP purchase options are completely gone on my app now. It’s up to date as far as I know. Android user here, though, so go figure :roll_eyes:

Ahh thank you! I was wondering where it disappeared to :weary:

Omg, thanks for this! I’m now back on Episode due to the VIP-Amethyst package. I haven’t played since my unlimited ran out in December.
However, I had to search for this package. When I clicked on Episode VIP below settings, only Sapphire showed up. Then, I clicked on the store option for passes at the top right hand. Then I scrolled to the bottom where the unlimited passes would normally show up. There I saw the VIP Amethyst option, I bought it immediately.


I’ve just done exactly what you did and I got the same as you!! Thankyou so so much been stuck with the sapphire for a while now. You have made my day ahah! Xx :slight_smile:

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so the new update doesn’t remove the amethyst option?

I didn’t even know I had the amethyst option tbh I’ve just not been on episode for a while just to check the VIP I had to see if it changed, then I saw the other comment about what they did and I tried it and it was at the bottom where the old unlimited pass was xx

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i tried looking for the VIP for all stories but when i scroll down in the store i dont have any other options appart from Sapphire, this is so annoying!! I havent read episode since February when the old VIP was removed and if i dont get the package that lets me read all stories i will delete the app for good, im so frustrated !!!

I finally got amethyst :pray:t2::pray:t2:

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Don’t tap on the Earn Gems/Offers at the bottom right but instead: Try clicking on the gems/tickets at the top and scroll all the way down, that’s how I found the VIP Amethyst package :blush:


Can you show us the picture on how you did it if you don’t mind

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Can you take a picture of it if you don’t mind

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Hi sorry for the delay. I’ve tried uploading some images for you but keep coming on as long sentences. If you could advise me on how to upload them that would be amazing but…

All I did was click on the Gem button (where it tells you have many gems you have) and then when it takes you to the page where it asks you to purchase more gems scroll all the way to the bottom and that
Where I found the better VIP pack xx