We would like to know how the contests work


Just a meme copy-paste :smile:


Oh. I was like, “The fuck did I just read?” :rofl:


I would also love to know how these competitions work and what we can be doing to boost good stories that we produce. I would love to know how I can be as great as some of the stories that do well… it would be a great opportunity to get feedback and improve!


Can’t agree more!



me waiting for transparency in contests





Keeping this thread alive as I am sure we will need it in the longer run.

Thanks all for your attention.



Still waiting for those promised explanatory posts…


I wasn’t active on the forums during the time this thread was created but you have my full support. Everyone deserves an equal chance. :heart:


Thank you so much! I don’t know if you have seen but we also launched an IG #EpisodeHypocrisy campaign and created a petition to demand fair and equal treatment for all the authors!


wait have they made that explanation after the fantastical contest like Liz said?!?


Never :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:




Keeping the thread alive! :v::v::v:


Hey everyone! I saw this post pop up and thought I would scroll through the thread to see if there was ever any clarification made as I want to know how the contests are graded as well. Sooo did I see that it’s now been months and no one ever got an answer?




Still waiting on an explanation. :sleeping:


still waiting for an explanation

unbelievable, 2 contests ago they said they would give us an explanation but where’s it at???


@Elizabeth95, @Gina123, @cutlass, @LI05

Hi, guys! Sorry, I’ve been quite inactive on the forums lately… But yes, there is still no explanation whatsoever. And it’s been almost 4 months already since we were promised the answers.



We’re still waiting… :frowning_woman:t3: