Clothing Requests!

So I’ve recently started writing a story, and although the clothing options are absolutely great, here are some suggestions I’d be happy to see in a future art update! Episode has provided creators with a decent selection of formal dresses, but I have yet to see a ballgown, all I really see are a-line or mermaid dresses. I think a full-blown ball gown would be stunning in stories, even if it’s just one or two dresses. I think Episode should feature more bikini tops and bottoms (separately.) I think mixing and matching is super fun, plus then the bikini tops can double and normal tops. I think it’d be really cute to see some maternity dresses, other than a hospital gown. I definitely wouldn’t mind a onesie or two, or even just some more dedicated pajamas. AND FOR THE LOVE OF DEAR GOD, GIVE US MORE PINK SHOES PLEASE!!! We have so little pink shoes, and for the few that we do, they don’t match any of the pink clothing. P.S I would totally love some slippers, socks, mask, and maybe a split color hairstyle. I think the horse update was super cool and opened limelight authors to a whole bunch of new opportunities, but an animal like a dog or cat would be used way more, and would put all of the hard work to better use.

These are just my opinions, give me yours!<3


Hey there @Epi.sbush, you should definitely check out our Feature + Art Suggestions category! :smiley:

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