FEATURE: Delete Button for Stories!


YES! I have some stories I do not plan on finishing and it looks so bad on my profile haha.




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Support :100: all the way! :grin:


yes please omg


100% support from me !


SUPPORT! I too have so many stories I did but stopped writing for them. I’ve been wondering for so long when I’ll be able to get rid of them bc they’re so cringy and some are old too. I also like the backup idea, it’s perfect. Just in case if someone hacks into ur Writer’s Portal and deletes all ur stories u could get them back. Please hear us @Episode !


Yes please, we would definitely need it! :slight_smile:


Yes! I have so many stories on my account that I don’t want. We need a delete button! :slightly_smiling_face:


I fully support this idea!


I 100% agree and support this, I have a few stories that I would like to be deleted lol.


y e s


YES PLEASE, especially for drafts and those kind of things. I really need this.


Yes. Please. I don’t see why we can’t delete any unpublished story anyway.


Yes please bring back this feature it is so needed by so many people who have stories they want to get rid of from when they first started writing and were just figuring things out. It can effect future reads someone might get if the “beginner” story is read by someone, and they’re not seeing the actual skill level of the writing who now knows what they’re doing, so they might not continue on to read the advanced story!

Please bring this feature back!


Totally agree, this should be a valid option for creators. I’m a newbie in Episode and English is not my first language, what can I say? Sometimes I mess up and it’s really frustrating not to have the option to erase the mistakes you made…


100% support!!


:100: support :wink:


YES please add this.


Yes I definitely agree with a delete button. I had a writing partner who only uploaded a few episodes which are only 2 chapters long and I want to delete them but I can’t.