🙋‍♀️ HOW TO: Get Episode Forum App!

Thanks :sparkling_heart::star:

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Mine says “forums.episodeinteractive.com was not found!” Does anyone know why this is happening :sweat_smile::heart: or how to turn the notiforcation for chome back on cause i cant remember :woman_facepalming:t3:

It keeps saying application not found I need help😭

my sister is using my phone but after she is done i’ll try it
great job
you are the best

What website are you trying to access? Because you posted this on the Episode forums :slight_smile:

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Thats what I was thinking. This may be helpful to some people, but there’s easier ways to do it.

Now I can waste even more time at work!

hahaha :smiley:

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omg tyyyy

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How can i??

Hi I am having trouble logging in and I don’t know what to do, can anyone help me since I don’t know what else to do since I have already tried going out of the app?

Great! I don’t need to open the forum on the safari anymore! Thank you so much!

For me I logged into the forums on Google chrome and it asked me if I want this on my home screen. That’s how I got the app

This is amazing! :smiley:

Is the app free?

yes :slight_smile:

Ok, thank you! :blush:

All I did was add it to my home screen and it show up just like any other app.