"Off topic" posts dead forum

Anyone else feel like when threads are made they just get shut down now? Maybe im just annoyed but how can we discuss things if everything is supposedly off topic and hidden or just flagged.

Idk its the same junk that makes episodes forum NOT A FORUM. We cant talk about anything it seems…unless its the same cliche generic topics weve been talkin about…makes me wanna find a new place.


no fr all my posts get flagged and its just like, i know no ones flagging my post what is going on. maybe they should make it easier to catagorize if so so many people keep putting threads in the wrong one? idk its getting on my nerves too


Yeah… it makes this place seem even more dead and like were not “allowed” to talk about anything


i literally made a post about how the forums culture has been getting more and more dead/stale since i first joined (and it wasn’t too negative it was mainly just ppl getting nostalgic and missing the old community) and it got flagged twice and i think its still hidden :sob:


Same I got this one and my other post hidden…its getting frustrating cuz no staff amswers when I ask how its OT.

Makes it feel censored heavy to point im thinkin of just letting the forum go altogether cuz I apparently cant talk about anything(and tbe repeat posts/lack of depth)


Moved to Site Feedback since this is about the forum. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :grinning:

Please note that most flagged threads are in the wrong category (ei putting story promotion threads in EFC or Community, coding threads in Art Resources, art requests thread in Art + Animations, etc). If you have any questions about your flagged content, please send me a link and I’ll review it for you :grinning:


Same here :raised_hand: