Rotation puzzle template

I’ve finally managed to sort my rotation puzzle out (thank you for the feedback off users who gave advice.)
I have been able to make a template and I have decided to shear if so that users can make games like this in their story. My original puzzle that I created was a fuse box however the video I am going to share is a puzzle I made for another user. The basic functions are;

tiles that rotate when tapped to re create the picture

reset button which will reset the puzzle to it’s original state

submit; to submit your answer and find out if your answer is correct.

all of this is shown in the video

Here is the template to make the puzzle there is directions to help you as you may need to alter the shift and scale of each tile.
(You will also need to save your tiles as I have named them or change all the tile names in the script.)

Please credit me in your story and do not claim this template as your own!

Edit: tappable overlays are still in beta testing meaning anyone can use it for now but until it has been fully released it may change if episode find bugs or other reasons to change it.



Woah this is amazing awesome!!! Thanks for creating this!!! THIS IS SO COOL!!!

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thank you, I’m glad you like it :slight_smile:

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incredible. :sunglasses:

:exploding_head: Seriously. Amazing!

Thank you

Omg amberose :open_mouth: just want to say your story “one of the girls” is amazing!!! :laughing:
Can’t wait for more

Thank you for your comment by the way :slight_smile:

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Lol, so off topic (please don’t flag me :pleading_face:) Thank you so much! That’s really sweet of you to say :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You’re welcome and We can get flagged together if they do :laughing:

Anyway back on topic now guys don’t want any trouble

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that’s so good

btw its confirm not conferm

Thanks and I’ll look into updating the video:)

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da hell O_o amazing.

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Thanks guys, if anyone has any trouble using this let me know Xx


I can’t find the pictures after I saved them…? I cut them, saved it, went to put them in my overlays, and… They were nowhere to be found…?

How strange I’ve just tried it and had the same issue :thinking:
I was able to just open my downloaded file straight from episode but it doesn’t work for me now either. I have found a solution though.

You have to extract the images from the zip file before uploading them to episode I have created a video on how to do this as I suck at explaining things.

does it help?


Yes, thank you. Do you have an Instagram I can credit you on, or do I just use your username on this site?

OH and I’ve noticed that for some reason it names the image tiltes 1-9
but for some reason its backward and 9 is the first tile you will need (PA)
and 1 is the last tile you need (PI)


Just on here thanks I don’t have Instagram :wink:


Great template :smiley:

Thank you Apes