CLOTHINGS: Episode Fan-Artist Giving Away Outfit Ideas to Episode


Hello, I am Cora - alias DecemberMaria20 here! My insta is: @arocsirrahinc.cnh

I want to give away my designs for Limelight and Ink. I have been wanting to do this for a while now and have shared some ideas on other post by this point. I am glad to say I can to do this! Hopefully, if the team ever drops by to visit this post, we may be able to get these ideas for this beloved website and mobile app!!

Also, I am a new writer. Well, I’ve been doing it for a long time now, but I never published anything until starting this new story. My story, Butler Until Midnight: Truth Behind Closed Doors, is still in progress. In a few days, I’m getting ready to release the link for beta readers. After they help me critique the story or even like it, I’ll publish the first three episodes this year.
With these outfits, I am helping other clothing suggestions too, so I’ll leave the link to them above the images.

Sorority Kid Shout What! "Delta Mu!" by kaylaahsleyjackson
Look Our Best, Be Our Best by kareniscoll23
Epi.Snatched by Res!
  • CLOTHING: Feminine outfits for maleswa
    I apologize to Res and everyone else. I had posted two images here inspired by Jame Charles. I’m upset with him right now so I will redo the images and add new stuff this week.
One Heck of a Housekeeper by CD_Erugo
Electrifying Style by three epi.users
Happy Holidays by tabbie.episode

My designs are suggested for both styles. So even if it is on Ink, it can be used for LL:

DM20 designs

I love you guys! Say beautiful and perfect just the way you are! Let’s hope we get these ideas soon. :heart:

Update: “There is going to be a change on this post this week. I apologize to Res and everyone else. Two images were inspired by James Charles but, after what happened, I’m upset with him right now. I will add new images soon.”
Currently, I am waiting to post the images inspired by JC. I want to wait until he returns to YouTube. I’m still disappointed in him for certain reasons not clear to me. Still, I’m so glad that he cleared the situation, which is something I wanted him to do. He is a good person and more, which is why I was upset he didn’t stand up for himself right from the start. There will still be new images up. Update will come… idk for now. Thank you for liking this post.


Oh. Wow. :flushed: These are good. @Trinady @Ryan @Jeremy @whoever else check these out.


That’s sooo pretty OMG!


Very pretty designs! Please note that this thread was not created in Feature + Art Suggestions and also doesn’t follow the Feature Request Guidelines. With that being said, the best and easiest way to submit idea’s is by following the guidelines and creating the threads in the F+AS and gaining likes (support) for the op thread/post. All suggestions are always being looked at and considered by the Episode team, so please feel free to create as many threads as you would like. Hope this has helped and again, great looking content and suggestions! - JB


This is amazing, omg


Thank you! That helps a lot. I have been trying to figure out how to do this for a long time. I almost gave up until the forum changed. :slight_smile:


This is o creative and amazing! I would like some more casual clothing. Like more hoodies and sweaters. Longer shirts. Things like that. But not just that, more sneaker options. Not all females enjoy wearing high heals all the time!


Can they please hire you?! WE NEED YOU.


I was thinking that too. I will be drawing more ideas soon! :slight_smile:


This is so good

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wow, I hope they will use your designs, they are the bomb :heart_eyes:

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Um…well I’m SHOOK your designs are beautiful. Episode should make these so people could use these in stories because this is AMAZING.



I’d love to take a look at your Amazon page, could you send me the link please? :grinning:

Okay, maybe I only have about £3 left on my account, but my grandad always gives me a voucher for my birthday… :sweat_smile::joy:


Wow, these are amazing! :heart_eyes: I like that you used inspiration from Classic, too. How did you make them, if you don’t mind me asking?

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My author page is here:
I only have two books in my series out and only the paperback books have been updated.


I have drawn for most of me life, like ever sense I could remember i guess. I came across ibispaint later on in my life so not I draw on my phone almost all the time using my finger.

I made my banner.

And, I am currently making an art scene for someone.


You make Art for others then why don’t you make for my story? Please! I love your desing!:blush::blush: Please

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@Jeremy, You are mods that means you can make those cloths available in Interactive? I don’t know but If you can Then why don’t you? They are too pretty

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It’s not as simple as that, unfortunately. They would have to fit the different parts of the clothes to the different body parts and make sure they move normally and everything. They are great clothes, though :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh I see…

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