HOW TO: Use [shouldPaginate: YES]

This is a really cool command, really cool.

It’s a blessing to use in character customization and outfit dressing games.

With this command, you can get get those little arrows at the bottom.

"This command will take a choice that has more than 6 options and automatically create pages for it. You can use this command anywhere in your scripts you want to have multiple choice pages.

We hope that this will allow you to also in the future have an easier time creating choices with a lot of options! " - Quote from New Skin Tones and Updated Search

What does this mean? It means that there will be pages with six options each (the max) for the choice and the last page may have either 6 or a lower number, depending. Also, those little arrows at the bottom can be used to navigate through them.

Here’s an example of a CC choice that contains 14 options:

(P.S the first page I’ll put in blue. It will contain 6 options for the choice since that’s the max the [shouldPaginate: YES] command can have per page. Then I’ll put the the second page in red which again will have 6 options, so that makes 12 options total. The third page will have only 2 options, making that to a total of 14 options, which is what my example will show. The third page will be done in green. In addition, I’ll include another option for the third page in order to allow the reader to continue the story past that point.

label customization

Pick an option.

choice [shouldPaginate: YES]
“Option 1”{
#option 1 goes here
goto customization
}“Choice 2”{
#option 2 goes here
goto customization
}“Choice 3”{
#option 3 goes here
goto customization
}“Choice 4”{
#option 4 goes here
goto customization
}“Choice 5”{
#option 5 goes here
goto customization
}“Choice 6”{
#option 6 goes here
goto customization
“Choice 7”{
#option 7 goes here
goto customization
}“Choice 8”{
#option 8 goes here
goto customization
}“Choice 9”{
#option 9 goes here
goto customization
}“Choice 10”{
#option 10 goes here
goto customization
}“Choice 11”{
#option 11 goes here
goto customization
}“Choice 12”{
#option 12 goes here
goto customization
“Choice 13”{
#option 13 goes here
goto customization
}“Choice 14”{
#option 14 goes here
goto customization
goto DONE

label DONE

Are you sure you’re done?

goto customization

#continue story

…AND THAT is all!

This is just an example I used but you can see [shouldPaginate: YES] in action. I used up to three pages, but you can have many more, with a max of six options per page.

Now I’ll show you visually.

The First Page, which can have a max of 6 options:

The Second Page, which can have a max of 6 options:

The Third Page, which can have a max of 6 options, but has less (If I went over 6 options, a fourth page is created which can have a max of 6 options and so forth):

I also want to state some people have used four/five of the options within a page for customization, changing into an outfit, etc. while the remaining two/one options say things like “DONE” or “change color” or something along that line. Hope this makes sense. And another thing, feel free to make the option(s) darker, golden or locked.

P.S Also feel free to check out: HOW TO: Customize Characters

Anyways, thank you for checking this out! I know I probably made some grammatical mistakes, sorry, not sorry HAhaHaHA :wink: :rose:


Ohmygod this thread is so helpful! I always wondered how to get those tiny arrows thingy, I thought it requires really complicated codes


No problem, i am to make it as simple as possible! You’re really helpful as well and ty for your kind words :wink:

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Wow! Jem, this is amazing :black_heart:

Quick question.
Since [shouldPaginate: YES] is right in the spot where you would usually put the choice name. That means you can’t remember these outfits, correct?
And if I’m not mistaken you can’t use goto’s and labels in if/elif/state statements.

this question is long and I didn’t mean to spam the thread.

Sidebar: I don’t think I want to remember these outfits because that’s a lot of work :joy:

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OK, you can’t use gains or the choice name option method in CC templates however I tested out this code in regards to 14 outfit choices:

label Dressing

Pick something.

choice(OUTFIT)[shouldPaginate: YES]















U happy with this?



goto Dressing


Remembering it…

if (OUTFIT is “1”) {

U chose 1.

} elif (OUTFIT is “2”) {

U chose 2.

} elif (OUTFIT is “3”) {

U chose 3.

} elif (OUTFIT is “4”) {

U chose 4.

} elif (OUTFIT is “5”) {

U chose 5.

} elif (OUTFIT is “6”) {

U chose 6.

} elif (OUTFIT is “7”) {

U chose 7.

} elif (OUTFIT is “8”) {

U chose 8.

} elif (OUTFIT is “9”) {

U chose 9.

} elif (OUTFIT is “10”) {

U chose 10.

} elif (OUTFIT is “11”) {

U chose 11.

} elif (OUTFIT is “12”) {

U chose 12.

} elif (OUTFIT is “13”) {

U chose 13.

} else {

U chose 14


Bla bla bla.

So…yeah it worked perfectly for me, all 14 ones were memorized in this dressing game when i tested it on portal :smile:

But I agree with you, it would be too much to memorize, if there are sooooooooo many outfits since [shouldPaginate: YES] should be reserved for a lot of options XD

OK for this part, U can use gotos inside of if/elif/else statements but not labels.


You’re a machine :exploding_head:
I will be bookmarking just in case I decide I want to be extra and remember these choices lol

Thank you for this thread and thank you for answering and helping me, Jem :black_heart:


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Thank you, mon amie :nerd_face: :kissing_heart: :revolving_hearts:

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I have a question about this…I I have let’s say 8 options and therefore I would prefer to have on each page only 4 options - is it possible or this command will always automatically make 1 page with 6 option and 2 with two options?

Not that I know of :thinking: I know that the [shouldPaginate: YES] command takes a choice with more than six options and automatically creates pages with it (six options on each page for the choice). If you want 4 options each, you’d probably have to do it manually and play around. Heck, I’m still playing around with these commands :joy: :sunglasses:

Commands that can be used next to choices:


Actually you can write further things for most of them (to see what, just make an error next the command and it’ll show you what the possible things available for it are) ^^

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Um… I GOT SOOOO CONFUSED now seeing all the comands… Lol I believe I do not know single of them… Btw how do you to it to see this list?

You’d just make an error next to choice. Then it’ll pop up a list of possible commands you can use in the script error section. Also, you could use tappable overlays (4 choices with the next button below) and then 4 choices on the next page with an arrow leading back to the first page : )

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