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Helpful How To’s

How to make your directing better than average

How to make friends on the forums - basically a cult~ don’t join if you don’t want to get 49732235 messages a minute

Backgrounds and Overlays (where to get them)

Episode Life

Background and Overlay Source list

Background Sharing Thread


Full CC

Limited CC

Outfit Game

Hair and Lipstick

Plus Size CC option (LL)

Choose Body Type CC (LL)

Adding Money into Stories

General Directing Help

General Guide to Script Symbols

Spot Directing

Entering and Exiting

Simple Choices

Placing and Animating Overlays

Rear Animations


Using Sound Effects and Music

Using Props

Using Layers

Placing Characters Behind Desks

Using Labels and Gotos

Creating Text Overlays

Tappable Overlays

Fading Characters

Using if/elif/else for Past Choices

Point System

Enabling and Disabling Choices with Conditions

Other Helpful Links:

Dara Amarie’s Website

How Do Episodians Like Their Stories

Music Categorized

“Stupid” Questions

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